accounting services niagara

Welcome to JW Financial specializing in Accounting Services Niagara.

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business, and it also refers to the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to agencies and tax collection entities like the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency).

JW Financial features and specializes in providing assistance and solutions for your small business, corporations and/or you as an individual providing competitive rates and dependable service.

With sixteen years of experience in government audit,  income tax preparation, HST remittance filing.  and accounting process assessments we are here to help.

Services include: JW Financial
  • Financial management
  • Income Tax preparation including  T1, T2
  • HST remittance completion
  • Financial Reporting
  • Government Audit assistance
  • Accounting process assessments
  • Annual Service Agreements
  • Personable, Reliable, Accurate
  • Confidential
  • Business Consulting
  • Educate business owners
  • Business Plan report writing direction
Benefits of JW Financial
  • Take the worry away from small businesses and individuals who do not understand complex income tax & HST forms, so they can focus on running the business, knowing that a competent professional is handling this.
  • Business owners will be better educated in the tax and remittance areas, so that business spending is done wisely and deadlines are met.
  • Handle tasks that people in business or individuals do not have time to do or understand.
  • The business will be more cost effective with proper financial management
  • Proper financial reporting and data will be available for educated decision making, resulting in less risky choices.
  • Economical – cost effective since lower fees as compared to the larger firms.
  • Flexible – tailor work and payment schedule to clients needs when applicable.
  • Work on the business owners behalf to make them aware of federal ITC and tax benefit reimbursements – cash flow source when applicable.
  • Operate with a compliant accounting system in place that will enable business owners to review financial information when needed – relieves business owner’s stress levels.
  • Create effective working relationships with business owners.
  • Pay for fee services, which save business owners time and money.
  • Annual Service Agreements – smaller payments over the year are easier on the business cash flow cycle.
  • Ethical and confidential reporting process.