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Welcome to JW Financial Services Niagara tax accounting bookkeeping financial coaching.

JW Financial is a local Niagara independent financial management business specializing and focusing on small business accounting/taxes, bookkeeping and financial coaching and planning.

Accounting and Tax Services
  • accounting process set up
  • tax preparation T1, T2
  • government audits with CRA
  • HST registration
  • HST remittances
Bookkeeping Services 
  • accounting process set up and maintenance
  • CRA ready small business/corporation books
Financial and Tax Coaching and Education
  • small business startup
  • one-on-one dependable advise and direction for business/individual accounting services


We at JW Financial aim to create viable confident working relationships with our clients.  small business owners and individuals to ensure compliance, professionalism, by handling complex processes that business owners and individuals do not understand, giving them a personal worry free comfort level.

Out of Country Canadians

JW Financial also offers a variety of services to out of country Canadian business owners, retirees and snow birds in the United States of America.   States such as Florida, Arizona, host many Canadian citizens during winter months.  Some services offered would be Canadian Income Tax filing, business consulting, HST rules and regulations, HST filings, IRS Form 8840, annual renewal of form 8840, W8-Ben, e-filing.  Out of Country Income Tax Filing for Canadians.

All documents can be received in various ways (mail forwarding, courier, scanning).

Telephone and Skype meetings are always available.

Companies doing business in Canada….. helping US/Global companies doing business in Canada including filing HST/GST/taxes etc.