financial coaching niagara

Financial Coaching Niagara

Financial Coaching is a client-driven process in which individuals and families work to reach personalized goals related to improving their financial well-being with the guidance of a financial coach.

Financial Coaching – The Path to Financial Freedom

Financial worries are one of the top causes of stress.

  • Coaching can reduce your stress by guiding you through your finances
  • Coaching will make you aware of your cash flow vs debt
  • Coaching will help you set clear goals, targets and get you or your business back on track

JW Financial will help you manage your money more effectively so that you can get more out of life.  You will gain personal confidence to make your own informed choices and feel more financially secure.  You will save time and money by being more financially aware and in control.

Most people find this overwhelming and prefer to arrange individual meetings which can be conducted face-to-face or over the phone. We also provide email support to clients.

For Business and Individuals

Financial Coaching for small business, corporations and individuals, is tailored to your needs.  We offer a reasonably priced service, making it affordable to those on moderate incomes.

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